• Failing identity

    Failing identity

    Identity is when A is equal to B. But if so, why not just call both A?



    VEM DÄR is a text work in Swedish, published in Pralin magasin #21: Body horror. Below is a video excerpt from its release event.

  • Underlevare


    Underlevare is the fragmentary story of a Sweden after a societal collapse.

  • The voice is false

    The voice is false

    A performative lecture where a voice discusses its own ostensible falseness.

  • Rima glottidis

    Rima glottidis

    A live performance involving a multitude of oral sounds and processing thereof.

  • Our names

    Our names

    An online sound installation, preserving, uniting and insisting on trans people’s names.

  • Att utredas för könsidentitetsstörning

    Att utredas för könsidentitetsstörning

    A video reciting questions and comments said to patients undergoing evaluation for gender identity disorder in today’s Sweden.

  • more sides now

    more sides now

    Joni Mitchell’s Both sides now used as the basis for a piece about reveling in the fragmentation of identity.

  • A


    An examination of the androgynous. Collaboration with Malin Holgersson.

  • alla imitationer utan original

    alla imitationer utan original

    An audio installation applying contrapuntal techniques to Judith Butler.

  • a semblance of order

    a semblance of order

    Mutating bodies singing a version of the motet Absalon, fili mi, possibly by Josquin des Prez.

  • Måbrakören, Bergsjön

    Måbrakören, Bergsjön

    Portrait of a senior citizens’ choir in the suburb of Bergsjön, Gothenburg.

  • Books without letters

    Books without letters

    A collection of pages from (more or less) famous books, with the letters removed.