The voice is false

A performative lecture where a voice discusses its own ostensible falseness.

The Voice is False an auto-tuned word fest, the seductive product of a mind with an oral fixation. It is wordy voice porn with auto-tune and slick delay. By the power of my lungs, I put the Voice on trial – the untrue voice, the copied voice, the synthetic voice. The voice is false, fake, lies and trickery. Eating its way into our souls and hearts, it spreads its sweet virus.

“The traditional dichotomies, arrangements and conceptualizations of feminine and masculine are transgressed, altered. Lecture, concert, vocal unfoldings and complex content merge together with the audience in a higher unity.”
Mette Garfield, (Danish)

“På tio minuter hinner hon låta som trettio olika personer, ibland inte ens mänsklig. Det är icke-autentiskt, och det är hela poängen.”
David Nyman, Arbetet (Swedish)