Rima glottidis

Filmed by Klara Andersson.

Rima glottidis is an orgy in transhumanist corporeality, where a sort of “digital circuit bending” is applied to popular vocal processing software, to explode the boundaries of how they were intended to be used, what kinds of sounds they were intended to make. The electronics, intended to create a well-behaved, correct musical product, are converted into tools allowing a body to multiply itself, project itself beyond its biological limitations, exalt its noises into a celebration of the fleshly. Sexuality and the pleasures of the mouth are central pillars to Rima glottidis, enabled by technologies originally intended to promote dry perfection, thus revealing their liberatory potential. How amplification magnifies the private and subtle sounds of saliva, how a glitched-out multi-tap delay can surround you in a cloud of clones, beings that are you yet not quite you, how microtonal auto-tune can introduce an element of uncertainty into an improvisation, feeding the musician with unexpected impulses to bounce off of.

More can be heard here.