Måbrakören, Bergsjön

Måbrakören (“the Be well-choir”) belongs to the Bergsjön church and consists of elderly people living in the area. The choir, led by con­ductor Andreas Andersson, per­forms regularly at concerts arranged by the church.

Hearing them in concert, I was struck by the richness of ex­pres­sion contained within these aged voices. Having lost the purity of their youth, the voices no longer had the ability to acheive a pro­fes­sional, neutral sound.

The changes brought upon these voices by the passing of years proves once again that the image of what a voice should be – not least a singing voice – is a frail construction.

The song sung by Måbrakören is often mistaken for a spring song because of its opening words “Vårvindar friska” (“Fresh spring winds”). The remaninings stanzas, however, tell a tragic story of young love, war and death.


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